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We build custom digital experiences to improve business visibility and customer satisfaction. Let our knowledge and experience serve as a bridge over your challenge.

Individual services for your challenges

We use a multidisciplinary approach to help you achieve lasting value for your audience. We are oriented and focused on your challenges, successes, constraints, your team and your customers. We offer services that we build for engagement, efficiency and elegance.

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Integrated solutions for your sustainability

Trust us with your long-term goal and we will advise you on the best solution for your digital future. Our solutions come from a deeper understanding of various markets and the visions of entrepreneurs, which we have led to the desired goals of a higher level of business. Let’s check together what we can improve.

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Lease of working hours

Are you missing half a person in your project? Do you have an unfinished project that you don’t have time for? We select the most suitable agile freelancers for you, for the task you are looking for. Integrate us easily into your processes.

Case studies

Advertising campaign for the startup platform Zmartup​

The impact of social advertising on obtaining start-up capital for the Austrian FinTech platform Zmartup.

IMPRESSIONS: >3 000 000
ROAS: 25
FUNDED: >200.000e

Digitization of cycling routes and footpaths Visit Haloze​

We will share with you how we digitized more than 700 km of tourist routes and more than 80 geopoints in Haloze and combined them into a transparent application.


Development of the Domača lekarna brand

Kako smo razvili vizualno podoba, ki ima občutek povezanosti z naravo. Vpliv blagovne znanje na potrošnika je bila dosežena.

 CPM: -17%

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