No time and skills to introduce a new employee?

Managed IT outsourcing

No further worries. We take care of onboarding, management and implementation.

Free pilot project for quality of service testing.

Implementation of security policies and protocols for secure data exchange.

BONUS: virtual workshop to explore the skills required by the external team.

BONUS: consultancy on IT architecture, processes and applied technologies.

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Do you find it impossible to find the perfect staff?

Making sure someone has the right skills, the right availability and the right attitude is a big job! We have spent years finding, vetting and outsourcing contractors and have perfected the whole process. We know what characteristics agency owners are looking for and we know how to make sure the candidate has the level of expertise you need.

Samir, CEO of Klimit d.o.o.

“With the Kreativna agency, I completed the desired project and I am more than satisfied. I think that the website and automation at speak for themselves.”

Aleš, CEO of Tridens d.o.o.

“Knowledge has no limits with Kreativna Agency. Their team is reliable, transparent and honest. We came to meeting with challenge and go from it with strategic approach to handle it.

Expand your internal team

WordPress developer

Are you tired of looking for a good WordPress developer who is reliable, meets deadlines and has the skills you need? From plugin development to implementing pixel-perfect designs. Choose from a range of skill levels and time availability.

JavaScript developer

Do you develop a web app or do you have in mind the development of a product MVP, to validate your idea in the market or to find a product-market fit? Our developers can help you build a web application using technologies such as Vue.js, React, GraphQl,…

Virtual assistant

Scheduling meetings, making sales and following up are administrative tasks that can quickly fill up a large part of the day and take up most of your energy and motivation. Leave these tasks to a virtual assistant.

Web designer

Are you fed up with generic Canva designs? Do you feel like you need something that fits your company and character? Do you need designs a couple of times a week but still not enough for a job? Check the references of our designers and decide on the most suitable one.


Are you tired of waiting for texts from your customers? Do you want to create potential content for yourself and your customers, but don’t have the time to write it yourself? Are you looking for a copywriter who has a way with words and an eye for detail?

Marketing assistant

Campaign planning, reporting to clients, achieving campaign goals and optimisation are administrative tasks for marketers that can be easily delegated and instead focus on your clients’ strategies, leaving the execution to our assistants. 

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Frequently asked questions

IT outsourcing is an arrangement where an organisation hires an external provider to manage IT operations and services. The provider may specialise in one or more areas or industries, such as software development, web design, data management and IT infrastructure. The provider takes responsibility for the creation, implementation and management of services and systems.

The benefits of outsourcing IT include cost savings, access to expertise and technology, increased efficiency, improved customer service and access to a wider global talent pool.

Risks associated with IT outsourcing include operational risk, security risk, service outages, contractual disputes and the need to comply with local and international legislation.

The best way to choose an outsourced IT provider is to compare the capabilities and pricing of different companies, assess the provider’s security measures, and consider the services and customer support offered.

The steps to ensure successful IT outsourcing include identifying specific needs and objectives, creating and documenting a clear list of desired services and deliverables, researching and evaluating potential providers, developing a comprehensive contract and planning an operational roadmap.

Whitelabel services refer to services and software developed by an external company and then branded with the client’s logo and name. Examples of whitelabelled services include websites, mobile applications, software development, web services, IT support and data management.

WordPress development is the process of building and managing the content of a website using WordPress, an open source platform and content management system.

JavaScript development is the process of coding and building web applications using JavaScript.

Copywriting is the process of researching and creating marketing material such as advertisements, brochures, newsletters, blogs, press releases and other promotional or educational material.

A virtual assistant is an individual who provides administrative, creative and technical services to clients remotely, using their own computer and software tools.

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