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We have a proven track record of building high-quality solutions for clients around the world. The goal of the agency is to improve quality and knowledge day by day, acquire interesting and creative projects, cooperate with various companies and artists. Who are our customers? Micro and small businesses. Millennials. Enthusiasts of minimalism and creatives.

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GeoMap tour planner

Intrix Web Development

Brand Domača lekarna

Poetovio Deep brand

Web development by Tridens Technology

Ilkos Candles mobile application 

Service website

360pro website

Ortodent website

BigBer online store

Ilkos Candles web application

Blagovna znamka Fresh

Visit Haloze online store

Domača karkarna online store

Online portal Internet business

Zmartup advertising campaign

Kogler Robotics website

Sportinus online store

Visit Haloze online store

Spletna stran M-Error

Spletni katalog Kamini Unikat

Zmartup website

Mmaribor website

Spletna stran Idejarna

Online store Children’s footwear Pika

NaOFF online store

Toplotna website

Created by Deep Online Store

IR Panel website

Spletna trgovina Coffko

Lizy Kids online store

Chatbot Domača Lekarna

Visit Haloze reservation system

Patrick, CEO of Zmartup GmbH

“Kreativna has top tier team to delegate different tasks from broad range of startup marketing and development. To have them by our side is a game changer for our agile business model.

Aleš, CEO of Tridens d.o.o.

“Knowledge has no limits with Kreativna Agency. Their team is reliable, transparent and honest. We came to meeting with challenge and go from it with strategic approach to handle it.

Case studies

Advertising campaign for the startup platform Zmartup​​

The impact of social advertising on obtaining start-up capital for the Austrian FinTech platform Zmartup.

 IMPRESSIONS: >3 000 000
 ROSE: 25
 FUNDED: >200.000e

Digitization of cycling routes and footpaths Visit Haloze

We will share with you how we digitized more than 700 km of tourist routes and more than 80 geopoints in Haloze and combined them into a transparent application.


Development of the Domača lekarna brand

How we developed a visual image that has a sense of connection with nature. The influence of brand knowledge on the consumer has been achieved.

 CPM: -17%
 LIFT RATE: +30%

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