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SEO tool for WordPress

WordPress plugin that allows you to track the positions of the keywords you have added to a page as a keyword in Yoast SEO.

Easy to track SEO list for more efficient and structured SEO optimization of your company or clients’ websites.

SEO Tool for WordPress is for anyone who wants to:

From the content of the SEO tool:

Ways to search for ideas

If you thought that a couple of 10 keywords that popped into your head were enough, then it makes sense to think about a different process for finding ideas, without unnecessary head-banging…

Technical analysis

What tools are suitable for technical analysis, what are the most common errors found on websites and which are the best to start fixing right away…

Web Vitals

Learn how to recognise and correct layout shifts. With the right thought process, we can quickly identify these mistakes and, of course, correct them…

Slow response time

The longer it takes a browser to receive content from a server, the longer it takes to render anything on the screen. Faster server response time improves every metric in turn…

Best practices
for image material

The ability to measure and report on the actual performance of your pages is crucial for analysing and improving performance over time…


The user experience of different cookie consent notifications is the result of two decisions: the location of the cookie notification and…

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